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Tully Junior-Senior High School


Mary Ann Murphy
7-12 Principal

Paul Schiener
7-12 Assistant

20 State Street
Tully NY, 13159
Phone: 315-696-6200
Fax: 315-696-6237

To understand the parts of a sentence, you have to BE the sentence! That's just what students in English 8 did today. They wore grammar necklaces and worked together to make different types of sentences including simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.
Students in a classroom
No Cost Driver Education Program - Tully JRSH Spring 2018. Open the following links for Information and Enrollment Form

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Sports Clearance Forms High School sports clearance forms will be available from the nurse on the following dates: July 28 9am-3pm, Aug 3 3-5pm, Aug 4 9am-3pm, Aug 11 9am-3pm and Aug 15 2:30-5pm

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Tully Central School District
Robert J. Hughes, Superintendent
20 State Street, Tully, NY 13159

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