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Technology in the Classroom

We are fortunate to be in an age where computers are no longer clunky and burdensome. Today, they are powerful tools that can be woven seamlessly into the learning process. Because of this, over the next two school years, Tully Schools will complete the 1:1 computer initiative we began during the 2017-18 school year.  Over the next two years all students in grades 3-12 will be issued Chromebooks, for their own personal use..

In moving forward with this initiative, we are joining a growing trend in education that puts the power of creation and discovery directly in the students’ hands all day long.  No longer will students need to leave the classroom to go a designated computer lab. With every student having his or her own Chromebook, the computer lab is in the classroom.

Chromebooks are a lightweight laptop, which start up very quickly and allow students to collaborate with each other, as well as teachers, through the use of Google Drive and Google Classroom.  With the addition of Chromebooks to the classroom, students are no longer just consumers of information. They are creators of their learning experience, who able to research and create projects in new and exciting ways.   Combined with cloud-based, easy-to-deploy applications like Google Classroom (and others), teachers now have platforms to guide learning more efficiently than ever before.




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