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The Trials of Alice in Wonderland

The 5th and 6th graders worked very hard with their spring musical, The Trials of Alice in Wonderland. The students starting working on the show in April and it was streamed in June for parents, students, and the community. With 30 cast members and 9 crew members, TES was very fortunate to be able to professionally record the show! The show was directed by Kristine Wilson, Sue Biggar, and Leigh Ann Moss. They are extremely proud of what an amazing job both the cast and crew did to make this musical a success!

White Rabbit – Emily Hall
Cheshire Cat – Lincoln Tranquill
Alice – Vanessa Altman
Tiny Alice – Gigi VanBeveren
Mad Hatter – Nathaniel Houghton
March Hare – Colman Hathaway
Caterpillar – Evangeline Votra
Dormouse – Charleigh Mossow
Queen of Hearts – Katelyn Bibik
King of Hearts – Christian Chaney
Tweedledee – Logan Schmidt
Tweedledum – Gabby Melton
Mouse – Aislyn Patrick
Dodo – Andie Fairchild
Lory – Addison Brown
Eaglet – Meadow Bassett
Three of Clubs – Wren Lawton
Six of Clubs – Ella Polak
Two of Hearts – Kameryn Meaney
Five of Spades – Hailee Isbell
Four of Diamonds – Mary Adams
Two of Diamonds - Seneca Flint-Morgan
Four of Hearts/ Croquet Hoop – Grace Dziok
Three of Spades/ Croquet Hoop – Mari Woodcock
Five of Hearts/ Croquet Hoop – Emmaline McElroy
Two of Clubs/ Croquet Hoop – Ashley Ellis
Three of Diamonds/ Croquet Ball – Angelina Timian
Two of Spades/ Croquet Ball – Alexandra Dickson
Six of Hearts/ Flamingo – Molly Warner
Three of Hearts/ Flamingo – Kimberlynn West
Olivia Hart
Patrick Pierce
Logan Allen
Sophia Simmons
Lennon Shaw
Antonio Marquecho
Jaspar Randall
Melody Santos
Molly Warner
Addison Brown
Mary Adams

Cast of Alice in WonderlandCast of Alice in Wonderland
The Trials of Alice in Wonderland Cast

Alice and Tiny Alice
Alice and Tiny Alice

Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Dancing AnimalsCheshire Cat and AliceTea Party
Pictures from The Trials of Alice in Wonderland

Queen's CourtYoung AliceYoung Alice and the CentipedeSleepy King
Pictures from The Trials of Alice in Wonderland

Cast fun
On Stage with The Trials of Alice in Wonderland