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Sixth Graders Have Talent

Tully’s sixth graders are definitely a talented bunch. Each year, the sixth graders get to sign up and perform in a talent show at the end of the year, if they choose. This year’s bunch did an outstanding job with talent across many areas. Parents and other students have the pleasure of watching, although this year, it was live streamed and not in person. Parents watched from home, sixth grade peers watched it live in the auditorium, and other TES students viewed it from their classrooms. This year’s acts included songs by Billie Eilish, Vanilla Ice, Haley Reinhart, and Lady Gaga; Irish dancing; piano playing including an original and the Imperial March played by a Storm Trooper; a solo dance and a group dance; duck calling; and a fast Rubix Cube solver. All students who participated did amazing and entertained everyone watching. Special thanks goes out to the stage and technical crew for making the show run smoothly!

rubix cube solvingduck callingIrish dancing
Rubix Cube solving, duck calling, and Irish dancing.

singing solosinging solo
Singing solos.

singing duetsinging duet
Singing duets.

solo dancesolo dance
Solo dance.

group dancegroup dancegroup dance
Group dance.

playing pianoplaying pianoplaying piano
Piano players.

talent show participants
A talented group!