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Tully Central School District Reopening 2021-2022

Our hope is that this page will help keep parents and the community informed of the most up-to-date information regarding Tully CSD's reopening plan for the 2021-2022 school year. Below you will find announcements that may require your involvement, letters addressing reopening concerns, and the latest information from the state and health department. Please be rest assured that Tully CSD is taking every precaution necessary to keep our students, staff, teachers, and community safe!

Test to Stay Program

General Vaccine Consent Form

COVID Testing Consent Form

Quadrant Registration Portal

Tully CSD Reopening Plan
Updated 6-8-2021 

Acceptable Masks Poster: Mask Up, Tully

District COVID-19 Communications
Community Letter 3.2.22 (Updated NYSDOH Guidance)
Community Letter 2.27.22 (Mask Mandate)
Community Letter 1.6.22 (Isolation & Quarantine Proceedures)
Community Letter 1.3.22 (At-Home Tests/Remote Instruction)
Community Letter 12.30.21 (Testing Initiative)
Community Letter 10-29-21 (Testing at School)
Community Letter 10-1-21 (Testing at School)
Community Letter 9-10-21 (Testing at School)
Community Letter 9-3-21 (Testing at School)
Community Letter 8-24-21 (COVID Guidelines)
Community Letter 8-5-21
Community Letter 7-2-21
ESSER Plan June 2021

ESSER Plan Part 2
ESSER Plan Part 2 Narrative
ESSER Plan Part 2 FS-10 Budget Summary
ESSER Plan Part 2 Application

ARP State Level Reserves

ARP ESSER - State Reserves Application

ARP ESSER Budget - 5% Lost Instructional Time
ARP ESSER Budget Narrative - 5% Lost Instructional Time

ARP ESSER Budget - 1% Summer Enrichment
ARP ESSER Budget Narrative - 1% Summer Enrichment

ARP ESSER Budget - 1% After School
ARP ESSER Budget Narrative - 1% After School
School Announcements

JSHS AM Student Drop Off Map

2020-21 Reopening Webpage
You can still access our Reopening webpage for the previous school year here.

State/Local Guidance

NYSDOH Isolation & Quarantine Guidance 1-13-22
NYSDOH FAQ for Schools 1-13-22
NYSDOH Isolation & Quarantine Charts 1-13-22
NYS DOH Post Vaccination Guidance 11-24-21
NYS DOH Testing-Quarantine Guidance 11-24-21
NYSED Reopening Guidance 9.2.21
NYSED COVID Testing Guidance 9.2.21
NYS DOH Vaccine Memo 7-2-21
NYSED Health and Safety Guide 2021-2022
OCHD Reopening Guidance 2021-2022