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Welcome Officer Wintermute!

TES welcomed Officer Glen Wintermute onto their campus last month, giving Tully CSD an SRO at each building. Officer Wintermute is a retired police officer from Dewitt. He worked patrol for twenty-two years, serving his community and creating strong bonds with the kids in his area. Even after his four children grew up and moved out, he continued to create those relationships with young people outside of his work by coaching Pop Warner football, Little League baseball, and a few varsity-level sports here at Tully. Officer Wintermute has always believed, “that by creating a strong, positive bond between police and kids ensures a strong and bright future for both.” In 2020, he began working in and around Tully CSD by delivering lunches to students’ homes during Covid, assisting with the traffic on our school grounds, and then driving a bus. His work here at Tully eventually came back to Officer Wintermute jumping back into the police officer role, becoming TES’s SRO through Marcellus Police Department. Tully CSD is very glad to welcome Officer Wintermute on campus and he is “very excited and I look forward to the future here at Tully Elementary and the entire district. I take the safety and security of our children (our future) very seriously.”