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Tully Elementary School


Ed Kupiec
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Cristy Bobbett
Director of Special Education
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20 State Street
Tully NY, 13159
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School News
TES Drama Production Delights Community: The Elementary Drama had 3 amazing performances of Beauty and The Beast Jr. on Friday and Saturday, February 2nd and 3rd.  During the school performance, the audience waved their lighted roses to help with the magic everytime the human rose, played by Lillian Andrews, danced around the wilting rose.  They also waved them at the end of the performance to help with the magical transformation of the Beast back into the Prince.  The students never cease to amaze us with their professional performances.  It’s hard to believe that they are only 10-12 years old.  They sing, dance and act in a much more mature way.  The incredible costumes were made by our very own team member Susan Biggar.  Students received standing ovations for both of our community ... more >>
Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration: In June, the Tully Central School District will hold screenings for incoming pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students who reside in the district.  If you have not already done so, please register your child(ren) online at .   To be eligible for pre-kindergarten , children must be district residents and turn 4 years of age, but not yet reach age 5, by December 1, 2018.  For the 2018-2019 school year, Tully Elementary School is able to accommodate a maximum of 36 students in pre-kindergarten.  If more than 36 students have been registered for pre-kindergarten by March 31, 2018 we will need to conduct a lottery to determine enrollment and organize a waiting list. To enter kindergarten , children must be 5 years of age by December ... more >>
Lesson Study: In January, a team of Tully Elementary teachers completed Year Two of the 100K in 10 Grant, a partnership with OCM-BOCES and The Smithsonian Science Education Center. Of the seventy teachers chosen, the team from TES included Rachel Kolod, Abigail Lerch, Michele McNerney, Lisa Saile and Melissa Pickard. Teachers were provided early training in the first of four new Science Units as well as Professional Development in Lesson Study. Teachers worked for several months to choose, research, evaluate and propose a lesson focus. The TES team focused on Evidence Based Claims and Accountable Talk within a 1st Grade Smithsonian Science lesson. First graders came to the Maker Lab to solve the question “What is Needed to Make Sound?” As the lesson unfolded, a team of teachers ... more >>
The Gift of Reading: This Holiday season, fourth graders decided to give a different kind of gift: the gift of reading! Across the grade level, students were given brand new books to read throughout the month of December, with the goal of creating a book review for their peers. You can find student recorded reviews on our website, so be sure to stop on by ( ). Students then wrapped their books and participated in a gift exchange with other fourth graders, so everyone received the best gift of all: the gift of reading!    more >>
4th Graders Become Part of the Global Learning Community: We live in a global community. Connecting with people next door or across the globe is just a click or tap away. But how can students share learning with this world-wide audience? For our fourth graders, the answer was to make a website! This year, fourth graders have been exploring many questions including: Does where you live matter? Why did people choose to settle in New York and how did the Haudenosaunee people influence these decisions? Wondering who the Haudenosaunee are? Ask a fourth grader and you are sure to get a detailed answer! Researching Haudenosaunee culture and how it has influenced others, students created inquiry questions and researched to find answers. Students then collaborated with other fourth graders to create a page on a Google Site. In the past, families ... more >>

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