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Board of Education - Goals

*2022-2023 District Goals are in the Drafting Phase*

2021-2022 District Goals

  1. Foster a positive relationship between the Board, the Superintendent, and the Tully School Community by:
    1. Communicating regularly with all BOE members through TAG and at BOE meetings, and communicating via e-mail/text when emergencies arise.
    2. Communicating regularly with the Tully Community via the Knight Insight, the District website, Facebook, SchoolMessenger, BOE meetings and public forums/hearings.
    3. Facilitating Board governance of the District through the use of BOE Committees and committee reports during Board of Education meetings.
    4. Develop a common understanding of roles and responsibilities for Board Members and the Superintendent of Schools.

  2. Ensure that all Tully students have access to an aligned and rigorous academic program, focused upon student growth, by:
    1. Using benchmarking assessments, such as AIMSweb and Fountas & Pinnell, to monitor students’ academic growth in grades K-8.
    2. Using grade distribution data to identify areas of program strength and improvement 7- 12, and to promote a consistent approach to the construction of marking period grades.
    3. Refining K-8 curriculum maps to ensure they contain common elements, are aligned with current learning standards, and are focused on depth, rather than breadth of learning.
    4. Participating in the OCM BOCES Leadership Network to align Tully ELA, math, science, and social studies curricula with current NYS learning standards.
  1. Ensure all Tully students have opportunities to engage in learning beyond the classroom by:
    1. Working to more closely align curricular offerings and co-curricular opportunities.
    2. Exploring ways to more effectively collaborate with the Tully Free Library and the Town of Tully Recreation Program.
    3. Maintaining current athletic mergers/combinations.
    4. Utilizing ESSER funds to provide additional after school and summer enrichment opportunities for students.

  2. Ensure a safe and healthy school culture for all Tully students by:
    1. Continued implementation of the Positivity Project at the ES and the JSHS.
    2. Developing and utilizing the District Wellness committee to explore a Districtwide Wellness Day for faculty and staff, and development of a Tully Central School District Wellness Website.
    3. Pre-K – 12 implementation of TCIS.
    4. Developing an understanding of the current NYSED Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative.
    5. Identifying students and families in need of additional social-emotional supports, as we emerge from the pandemic and as students return from remote learning. 
  1. Cultivate a professional learning community amongst the faculty and staff by:
    1. Utilizing Frontline web-based software to promote a more transparent APPR process, focused upon immediate feedback and reflection, for teachers, teaching assistants, administrators, and other professionally certified staff.
    2. Establishing Superintendent’s Conference Day Agendas 6-12 months in advance of scheduled days, and utilizing participant survey responses to improve professional development offerings and to fine-tune the agendas.
    3. Utilizing the expertise of our part-time Technology Integration Specialist.
    4. Updating our Professional Development Plan for implementation beginning in September of 2022.
  1. Ensure that District resources are managed effectively and facilities are maintained appropriately to meet the needs of the Tully Community by:
    1. Implementing the NYS Comptroller's data safety and security recommendations.
    2. Establishing a Phase 2 construction schedule for our 2022 Capital Project, putting Phase 2 out to bid, and beginning construction.
    3. Reviewing our purchasing process to ensure proper oversight and to increase efficiency.
    4. Establish clearly-defined annual goals and expectations for the Bus Dispatcher, the Assistant Director of Facilities, and the Technology Coordinator.
    5. Reviewing our hiring process to ensure that we hire the best possible candidates.
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