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Spring is in the Air and with that BASEBALL and SOFTBALL SEASON is upon us...all registrations are under way.....with many practices already beginning.  Seasons will start if you are interested get signed up ASAP.....on another note Green Lake is set to open 6-28'2015....and we are NOW looking for lifeguards!!!! obviously any questions see below!!

If anyone has any other topics of concern in regards to Tully's Park and Recreation activities, feel free to call either our Director or one of her board members:

Director:                                              Jayne Morse:                                 (315) 696-4693 x21
Chairman:                                           Gary Heymann:                              (315) 696-8546     
Board:                                                  David Courtwright                         (315) 696-0249
Board:                                                  Ryan Dando                                    (315) 559-9726
Board:                                                  Bill Donald                                      (315) 696-2448
Board:                                                  Randy Drzewicki                            (503)  701-1367
Board:                                                  Lucas Erno                                    (315) 708-2228
Board:                                                  John Pellettiere                             (315) 657-4230




Tully Central School District
Robert J. Hughes, Superintendent
20 State Street, Tully, NY 13159

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