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8th Graders Share Family Recipes in FLEX Classes

After reading and discussing multiple excerpts from the the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, students were asked to bring in family recipes to share with the class. During this unit on food, facts about the food industry were revealed to and questioned by our students. Their eyes were opened up to the truth behind fast food industries, organic food industries, and more. They became excited and interested to learn about the farms and factories where food is handled. Students discussed various sources of food that are right here in Tully. They came to the conclusion that local farms and community gardens are excellent resources for our community’s food needs. Therefore, healthy, fresh, local foods provide more nutrition than processed foods that are found in a box. They learned that knowing the exact ingredients in the food they eat is essential. By sharing these family recipes, we hope that students will be encouraged and inspired to cook at home with their families using fresh ingredients. The recipes have certainly sparked wonderful conversations about food, memories, and traditions in our classrooms. We hope that the conversation continues at home. 




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