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Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration

In June, the Tully Central School District will hold screenings for incoming pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students who reside in the district.  If you have not already done so, please register your child(ren) online at  

To be eligible for pre-kindergarten, children must be district residents and turn 4 years of age, but not yet reach age 5, by December 1, 2018.  For the 2018-2019 school year, Tully Elementary School is able to accommodate a maximum of 36 students in pre-kindergarten.  If more than 36 students have been registered for pre-kindergarten by March 31, 2018 we will need to conduct a lottery to determine enrollment and organize a waiting list.

To enter kindergarten, children must be 5 years of age by December 1, 2018.  Unlike pre-kindergarten, there is no limit on the number of district-resident kindergarten students who can be enrolled at Tully Elementary.

Information about the screening process for both grade levels will be mailed out to enrolled students in mid-May.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the elementary office at 696-6213 if you have specific questions about the registration or screening process.




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