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4th Graders Become Part of the Global Learning Community

We live in a global community. Connecting with people next door or across the globe is just a click or tap away. But how can students share learning with this world-wide audience? For our fourth graders, the answer was to make a website!

This year, fourth graders have been exploring many questions including: Does where you live matter? Why did people choose to settle in New York and how did the Haudenosaunee people influence these decisions? Wondering who the Haudenosaunee are? Ask a fourth grader and you are sure to get a detailed answer!
Researching Haudenosaunee culture and how it has influenced others, students created inquiry questions and researched to find answers. Students then collaborated with other fourth graders to create a page on a Google Site. In the past, families would have been invited to school for a special “open house” type event, but this time we wanted to invite the world.

By creating a Google Site, students can share their learning, stories and new knowledge with a worldwide audience! Interested in wampum? Simply click and you will find student made examples that tell a story! Do stories interest you? Maybe you should check out the section called oral storytelling. We hope you will want to stop by our site to learn a little more about the Haudenosaunee people. Be a part of the global community! (





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