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Lesson Study

In January, a team of Tully Elementary teachers completed Year Two of the 100K in 10 Grant, a partnership with OCM-BOCES and The Smithsonian Science Education Center. Of the seventy teachers chosen, the team from TES included Rachel Kolod, Abigail Lerch, Michele McNerney, Lisa Saile and Melissa Pickard.

Teachers were provided early training in the first of four new Science Units as well as Professional Development in Lesson Study. Teachers worked for several months to choose, research, evaluate and propose a lesson focus. The TES team focused on Evidence Based Claims and Accountable Talk within a 1st Grade Smithsonian Science lesson.

First graders came to the Maker Lab to solve the question “What is Needed to Make Sound?” As the lesson unfolded, a team of teachers watched and recorded student reactions, comments, questions and actions. After each lesson the team spent time to debrief and make needed changes. It was an amazing experience for all who participated. A BIG thank you to TES 1st graders who helped the teachers learn and set the stage for future first grade students.




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