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Tully Elementary School

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Ed Kupiec
Elementary Principal
p: (315) 696-6212

Cristy Bobbett
Director of Student Support Services
p: (315) 696-6221


20 State Street, Tully NY, 13159




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School News
A Hodge Podge of Days A Hodge Podge of Days: Elementary school has always been seen as a fun and creative space while learning, and special days that the students celebrate add to the excitement. This year, it just so happened that our youngest students celebrated their 101st day with a Puppy Parade on the same day as Valentine’s Day, an already exciting day without the added treat. Our older students at the elementary celebrated their 100th day the day before Valentine’s Day, giving them two days in a row for festivities. Any ... more >>
Much Ado in the Maker Lab Much Ado in the Maker Lab: Students in Pre-K through fourth grade are now enjoying regular time in the Maker Lab with Mrs. Machado. There, they are learning computer sciences. Younger students who are new to computer usage, play games and use visual aids to learn how the computer works, including the mouse, keyboard, headphones, and signing in. Students who understand the basics of computers will hone in on typing correctly and use digital tools to create a product. Coding will also be touched on for these students. Staying ... more >>
An Anemone Full of Drama An Anemone Full of Drama: TES Drama has done it again! A magical underwater tale came to life at the beginning of February with Finding Nemo, Jr.  With costumes hand-crafted and the stage transformed into a bright anemone, students took to the stage to tell a humorous and endearing tale of the beloved clownfish kids know as Nemo. After being caught by fishermen, Nemo’s dad, Marlin, and a spunky blue tang fish named Dory, trek across the sea in search of him. While being held captive in a personal aquarium, the ... more >>
Music Montage Music Montage: Students in Pre-K have been studying music pieces by Camille Saint-Saëns in his master suite The Carnival of the Animals, beginning with “Introduction et marche royale du lion” and  “L'Éléphant.” Each day that the students attend music, they learn about the animal of the day through a song associated with that animal, moving and singing as such. Then students get to listen to the song that Camille Saint-Saëns composed while they color in ... more >>
Fourth Grade is Hands-On Fourth Grade is Hands-On: Fourth graders are doing some interesting lessons, getting creative, and making learning something to enjoy. Students recently learned all about how motion changes during a collision and how objects slow down due to friction. To test this, they created “helmets” (containers) to support their “head” (eggs) during a “collision” (egg drop) using materials like cotton, sponges, tape, cups, and foam. Students had to follow certain criteria to be successful and then ... more >>

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