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Tully Central School District Reopening 2020-2021

Our hope is that this page will help keep parents and the community informed of the most up-to-date information regarding Tully CSD's reopening plan for fall 2020 and beyond. Below you will find announcements that may require your involvement, letters addressing reopening concerns, and the latest information from the state and health department. Please be rest assured that Tully CSD is taking every precaution necessary to keep our students, staff, teachers, and community safe! 


NYS DOH COVID Toolkit for K-12

Acceptable Masks Poster: Mask Up, Tully

COVID-19 Closure Resources for Staff and Students/Families

Student Return to PE/Sports 3-11-21

(Letter from School Physician)

Student Support Services 8-5-20
(Letter for Students with Disabilities)
District COVID-19 Communications
Community Letter 8-5-21
Community Letter 7-2-21
Community Letter 6-18-21
Community Letter 6-8-21
Community Letter 6-6-21
Community Letter 6-2-21
Community Letter 5-11-21
Notice of 7th grade Quarantine Letter 4-19-21
Community Letter 4-16-21
Onondaga Vaccine Survey Letter 4-8-21
Community Letter 4-6-21
Community Letter 3-24-21
Community Letter 3-10-21
Community Letter 3-5-21
Community Letter 2-11-21
Community Letter 2-1-21
Community Letter 1-22-21
Community Letter 1-7-21
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 12-18-20
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 12-11-20
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 12-7-20
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 12-1-20
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 11-18-20
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 11-16-20
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 11-7-20 
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 11-3-20
Notice of Quarantine 11-12-20
Community Letter 10-30-20Spanish
Community Letter 10-16-20Spanish
Community Letter 9-22-20
Letter of Positive COVID-19 Case 9-16-20
Community Letter 9-11-20Spanish
Tully CSD Reopening Information

Tully CSD Reopening Plan 8-7-20
Reopening Forum Slides 8-21-20

JSHS Reopening Parent/Student Forum
Reopening Parent Forum Video Recording
JSHS Reopening Slides
Reopening Student Forum Video Recording
Parent Reopening Forum Q&A

TES Reopening Parent Forum
Reopening Parent Forum Video Recording
(Fast forward the first 2 min. and 15 sec. to get the program started)
TES Reopening Slides
Parent Reopening Forum Q&A
(Updated 7/29/20 to reflect mask policy change)

Reopening Committee Members
(Please note that sub-committee membership may change over time)

Community Letter 8-25-20
Community Letter 8-13-20
Community Letter 7-31-20
Community Letter 7-24-20
Community Letter 7-17-20

Results: Parent Survey for Reopening

JSHS Parent Commitment Questionnaire
TES PK-4 Parent Commitment Questionnaire
Spanish Translated Version
TES 5-6 Parent Commitment Questionnaire
Spanish Translated Version
Tully CSD Remote Learning Plan 2020-21
Annual Professional Performance Review Plan 2020-21

School Announcements

District: Parent Drop-Off
On Campus Parent Drop-Off Map for TES and JSHS

JSHS: Monthly A-B Calendars

JSHS: Report Card Newsletter April 2021
Please see the following information regarding the last day of school, Regents exams, Wellness Day, and Awards Night.

TES/JSHS: Band & Chorus Social Distancing
Update for both TES/JSHS regarding reducing the space between students in band and chorus. Emailed on 4-13-2021.

JSHS: Bringing Students Back April 2021
Update for JSHS from Mrs. Murphy regarding accomodating students back on campus beginning April 8, 2021, Emailed on 4-5-21.

Important Message to 8th Grade Parents 2-3-21

JSHS: 7th and 12th Grade Letter 2-10-21
Attention Needed: Return to 4-day instruction form for 7th and 12th grades.

JSHS: Update 1-11-21
Update for JSHS from Mrs. Murphy, Emailed on 1-11-21

JSHS: Wednesdays' Schedule
Update for JSHS from Mrs. Murphy regarding Wednesdays' Schedule,
Emailed on 10-28-2020

JSHS: Need to Switch to Remote Learning?

TES: Reopening Supplement for Students and Families 9-1-2020

JSHS: Update 9-23-20
Update for JSHS from Mrs. Murphy, Emailed on 9-23-2020

State/Local Guidance

NYSDOH Guidance 6-7-2021
NYS DOH June 4th CDC Letter
NYS DOH Updated PK-12 Guidance 4-9-21
NYS DOH Year End Celebrations Updated 4.27.21
OCHD Policy Proposal Research 3-16-21
NYS DOH Health Advisory
OCHD Policy Proposal 3-5-21
OHSL 2021-21 Return to Athletics Plan
NYS Sports and Recreation Guidance
Onondaga County High Risk Winter Sports Guidance
OCDH K-12 Quarantine Order Sample 11-25-20
OCDH School Reopening Contact Tracing Protocol 8-13-20
NYS DOH Guidance 8-13-20
OCDH School Reopening Testing Protocol 8-13-20
NYS DOH Interim PreK-12 Guidance
NYS DOH Prek-12 Guidelines Summary
NYS DOH PreK-12 Checklist
NYSED Reopening Guidance
FAQs on Reopening Schools 7-23-20
FAQs on Reopening Schools 7-17-20
How to Wear a Mask Properly
How to Wash a Face Mask Properly